Friday, December 8, 2017


SMUG made a sixth appearance at The Mount today to provide a Christmas program for the many residents of the home. The activity director, Charmaine MacGregor introduced us at 1 p.m. and on we went with some great Christmas tunes until around 2 p.m. Everyone sang along and some even danced to some of the lively pieces.There was an excellent turnout of Smuggers and every one seemed to have a lot of fun.The photographer lost his camera early in the event and therefore few photos got taken, but the camera was returned to the house tonight by a watchful Nicole Phillips. Thanks Nicole. That might have been the second camera gone!
Our thanks to Irma for sending more photos(some quite rare) along to help support the blog this morning.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Eighth year returning to First Baptist Community Dinner

As always we never get enough photos when we are performing,but here are a few of a great evening at our 8th annual Community Christmas dinner at First Baptist Church. And for icing on the cake, they gave each of us a huge take out meal to take home for our own suppers, which in my case was more than enough for Diane and me, and was very unexpected .Thanks to all of you who turned out to make this event another successful Baptist Christmas Event for those so less fortunate. It was a treasure to be able to be there for them. After eight years I haven't fallen off the stage! I have a sneaking suspicion a 9th year could possibly happen......everybody on side? I think we could find room for another 5 or 6 Smuggers on that stage.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

WINESING spends a day in Mineville, N.S. with a SMUG founder RON TALLON and his new Group MUSE

Five members of WineSing traveled to Mineville Nova Scotia on Tuesday to spend the day with Ron Tallon, and the evening with Ron and his newly formed Ukulele Group, The
. The group consists of eleven members who Ron has taken under his wing and has them performing already in churches and various venues. They have a huge repertoire that Ron has put together for them and have become in short time very accomplished.We all sang together for an hour or so after which WineSing did a few numbers for them from our own repertoire. Refreshments, and much discussion followed before some of us had to retire for the evening. It was a great thing for the two groups to do and thoughts of a repeat on PEI are in some minds. Our thanks to Ron for his great hospitality and wonderful(as always) biscuits for breakfast.

Saturday, August 26, 2017



AUGUST 26 is not only Mary's Birthday it is the annual picnic  for SMUG where once again we enjoyed being hosted by The Andrews Strummers at beautiful Andrews of Stratford Community Care Facility. Sharon, the activity directory was there to not only welcome SMUG but to play along with the 24 Strummers assembled, and provide tea, coffee and lemonade, not to mention the glorious cookies. After a two hour jam session we broke for a traditional pizza treat from the new Greco store in Stratford. Now both the Strummers and SMUG are ready to settle in to a regular fall season of weekly jamming.